One of the most common treatments for septic tanks is Rid-X.  In fact this is a product that is so well known, that most consumers believe it to be a very useful product for treating septic systems.

I would personally ask:  WHY?  What is it about this product that the consumer has identified as being a sacred solution for treatment of septic systems?  What does the product promise that consumers flock to their local hardware stores to purchase this product and add it to their septic system?  What is the end result the consumer really wants to achieve?

In the scheme of things the real answer is that any consumer wants to help remediate the sludge and hopefully maintain their septic system.  Generally, any solution for septic systems should be helping to alleviate the problems associated with build-up in the septic system.  Generally, the solution should help to “remediate” and “remove” the sludge or the material in the septic system.

Consumers should be asking what does this product really do to my system and what is it really improving?  In the case of active bacteria, the waste is actively being digested.  In the case of additives, generally the only thing that changes is that material inside the tank is chemically changed, but is not degraded or removed.

Ultimately, any choice for maintenance of a septic system should have the end goal of having the material be digested and actively removed.  The expense of maintaining systems can be administered chemically, mechanically or biologically.  Any choice should include actively removing the material (sludge), allowing for more space in the system and preventing long-term issues of repair and replacement.

Any solution, should remediate and digest the waste.  What is your solution actively doing to your system?